5 Reasons Why Working as a Nanny Is Amazing

While it’s true that as a nanny, you’re not granted immunity from those days where the child decides to throw a fit for no reason at all, they are allowed to work in a job environment that’s different from the rest. Definitely, it’s nothing like doing a desk job, and the great part about being a nanny is that it is rewarding.

If you’re still having second thoughts, here are 5 reasons why working as a nanny is amazing and fulfilling:

Nothing Compares to Being a Nanny – Not Even a Desk Job

If you’re in the office, most of your day involves sitting at a desk in front of your computer. Instead of sitting the whole day, working as a nanny requires singing, doing fun activities, going out (a lot), and basically many other fun-filled tasks. Your daily tasks may vary, which is the exciting part. Other than taking care of the children, you’re also involved in planning various engaging activities, this means that you’ll be up on your feet most of the time.

You don’t even have to worry about wearing uncomfortable office clothes. Remember, as a nanny, the entire world serves as your workstation, so you have the freedom to choose whichever comfortable clothes you have to wear. When it comes to perks, on the nanny payroll you still receive most perks that office jobs offer such as competitive salary rates, career progression and more opportunities for better qualifications. Remember, all of these come with a fun-filled and exciting environment for you.

You’re Not Just an Employee – You Become a Part of the Family

Nannies are unique as they get to experience to belong in a family that’s not their own. For the majority of households, nannies play a crucial role in their day-to-day activities. Some  nannies even live with the family they work with. For most nannies, they form a special bond with the family, most especially with the kids that they take care of – something that’s truly fulfilling! There’s nothing more special than being accepted as part of the family as they fully embrace and trust that you watch the children grow up – this is something that a typical office job can’t offer. You even get to watch the children’s achievements and milestones such as taking their first steps, first words, and even the first time they catch a ball! It’s a truly unique and special job.

You Get to Experience Childhood All Over Again

Come to think of it – part of your job requires you to build Lego towers, watch endless Disney shows and movies and even come up with crazy dance routines. Working as a nanny lets you do all of these things! As you play with the kids, it is your job to help them develop new skills and incorporate learning as they play. A nanny may also require some skills that only adults can handle such as cleaning and cooking, but they’re also given the opportunity to get away from the adult life once in a while to play pretend with the little ones.

You Can Unleash Your Creativity

You may have kept a Pinterest board that you’ve been thinking of doing, but haven’t even done a single thing from that board. If you work as a nanny, you may finally get to put those pins to greater use! You can look for a variety of different fun activities that the kids will surely love. There’s no denying that this is a job that is always filled with surprising adventures and tasks, and the best part is, you can always unleash your creative side whenever you’re planning for the next activities for the children. It is a challenging job but in a good way. You’ll never get bored and your creative side can always be put to good use.

You Get to Become Someone’s Hero

By spending most of your time with the children, these kids will look up to you and even consider you as one of the special people in their lives – thus, a unique bond may even be formed. Nannies are great at multi-tasking, have a lot of patience, but aren’t boring and are fun to be with!

Being someone they admire, children will follow you, mimic you, and even ask you to do most things for them. While it may seem like a lot is on your plate, there’s nothing more heart-melting than being able to hear the little ones tell you “I love you” – and this is definitely one of the most amazing parts of being a nanny. Most often, even if you feel that you’re not doing great, in their eyes you are the best; you are their hero.