5 Tips To Start A Logging Business

Timber business is marked as one of the most lucrative money-making option. If you have ample experience in the logging industry and now thinking to start your own business then it’s high time to utilize your years of professional expertise. Start with a business plan and start arranging the quintessential tools and equipment from axes, saws to remorque a bois for moving cutting and moving the logs. Also, plan the finances before you establish the business. Use the networks you have created so far for developing a better business liaison.

Check out 5 tips to start a logging business

Start with a Business Plan

With a sound business plan, it’ll be easier for you to begin with. An established business should be formed in a disciplined manner. In the future, running the business operations will seem to be easier. Your business plan should include the business insights, employee requirements, budget for buying or leasing the essential tools, equipment and vehicles. Set up the business hours and the logistics plan during this time.

Buy equipment – Small & Heavy duty

Even if you start slow in the beginning, you need the tools and equipment from axes to chainsaws, splitting mauls, splitting wedges, sharpening tools etc. Think of buying or leasing one wood chipper and a wood trailer to move the logs.


Without advertising, your business may not flourish per your dreams. Therefore, you can spend some of your investments on advertising your business. Trust the print media the more as logging industries do that all the time. Word of mouth is another effective way to spread about your business. If you want, online marketing is an excellent way for branding. Reaching out to more target audiences is now done best with a website and powerful social media marketing.

Apply for a loan

For running a business you need money. You can apply or a loan as your startup business needs funds. Logging business demands regular capital money for which you need some initial investments for paying the labors to paying the trucks for logistics. Finance is also necessary for establishing an office, buying the logs and for paying for the advertisement of your business.

Get a timber delivery vehicle

You can either buy or lease a timber delivery vehicle. These are trucks that move the shaped logs to the customers. You can also hire a trucking company for the job initially.