Applications Of Panacol Online

The new flexible adhesives from panacol reportedly allow for vibration-resistant connections and have low ion content. Panacol has recently announced that it has developed specially formulated UV adhesives that protect welded joints against corrosion on cell contact systems and electric car battery packs.

Usual Applications:

  • Connecting cannulas of stainless steel to clear or translucent hubs and syringes
  • Bonding/sealing in blood oxygenators of clear polycarbonate or acrylic housing pieces
  • Bonding/sealing cannulae of stainless steel into flexible infusion lines of PVC
  • Bonding soft PVC to rigid PVC in masks for anesthesia
  • Subassembly bonding in transducers of blood pressure, stopcocks, fittings, adapters, and arterial filters
  • Coating of PCBs in hearing aids

Panacol High-Tech-Medical-Adhesives Main benefits:

  • USP Class VI and ISO 109933 Accredited Certification
  • 100 percent free of solvents
  • High quality due to rapid curing within seconds
  • Compliance with common methods for sterilization
  • Outstanding adhesion to glass, polylactic acid
  • The possible bonding of complicated substrates
  • Flexible use for automated and manual development processes
  • A broad spectrum of viscosity, from capillary flow to gap filling
  • With blue and orange fluorescent adhesives, optimal process monitoring

Under a large range of chemicals, Panacol manufactures and produces cutting-edge adhesives for medical applications. This includes curable adhesives that are UVA and visible light, coating materials, additives for potting, instant-cure adhesives, and 2-part epoxies.