Benefits of Using Chocolate Enrobing Machines

Enrobing is a process that allows manufacturers to create varied, decorative confections for consumers. Also, it presents some benefits of over moulding by usually allowing for greater production rates with lower capital costs. This is possible by using an efficient chocolate enrobing machine.

Enrobing confectionary products are performed using basic processes. But, the methods used for controlling their operation and the degree of precision have significantly changed. Products such as cookies, soft centres, or wafers can be coated partially or fully with chocolate or compound coatings.

The Enrobing Process

Enrobing machines were first introduced in the 20th century. They still have the same underlying concepts. They will take various ingredients that range from ice cream to nuts and coat it with a layer of chocolate. Originally, the process was meant to protect the covered components from getting spoiled. Eventually, the enrobing process has been used to create chocolate products with better flavour and appearance.

The process of enrobing confectionery products typically involves:

  • Melting the chocolate. The enrobing process begins by melting the chocolate that serves as the coating layer. That is why most enrobers are attached to a chocolate tempering machine to perform this step.

  • Adding the confectionary product to the feed. A chocolate enrober has various types of feeds such as a container or wire mesh that keeps the products. These products are taken by the feed to the coating area.
  • Coating the product. When the product reaches the coating stage, the coating pump of the machine will create a consistent fall of chocolate. The product will pass through the fall to get coated. To ensure uniform coating of all of the product’s sides, proper vibration and overflow mechanismsare in place.
  • After coating the product, it is moved to a cooling area. It is left to cool down until its layer of chocolate solidifies.

Benefits of Using a Chocolate Enrober

Here’s why a chocolate enrobing machine is a better choice than manual enrobing.

  • Improved shelf life. By using a chocolate enrober, a confectionery product gets a chocolate layer that serves as protection from microbes, moisture, and oxidation. As a result, they will have a longer shelf life than products without this protection.
  • Improved product texture and flavor. A chocolate enrober helps produce chocolate products with better texture and flavour.
  • An enrobing machine creates a consistent layer of chocolate around a product. This is something that cannot be achieved manually.
  • Increased production. With a chocolate enrober, it is possible to increase the production of chocolate-coated products.