Different Ways You Can Clear Your Office Drains When They Are Blocked

When one of the drains is blocked in your office building, you will need to ensure you clear the blockage as quickly as possible before it causes more damage. You can be left unable to use toilets and sinks when you have a blocked drain, and it may even bring your business to a grinding halt. You can do things to try and clear your blocked drains before calling a plumber, which may work and help to get things back to normal. Below are some things you can try to clear the blockage in your drains and get them working correctly again.

Use Plenty Of Boiling Water

You can find that boiling water can help clear blockages in your drains and get them running correctly again, depending on what causes the blockage. The boiling water can help break down fats and oils and get your pipes flowing again, so it is something worth trying. Keep boiling water and pouring it down the drain with the blockage until it is draining properly and quickly. However, if this is not working, there are other things you can try to clear the blockage.

Try Using Caustic Soda

Another method you can try to clear blockages in your drains is using caustic soda, also known as Sodium Hydroxide. It is a dangerous chemical, and you will need to wear protective items such as rubber gloves and safety glasses. Pour about a gallon of water into a bucket, add three cups of caustic soda, and then pour this down the affected drain. You will want to leave the drains for about 20-30 minutes before flushing them with boiling water, which should remove the blockages in your pipes.

Get Yourself A Drain Snake

You can also consider using a drain snake to help clear any blockages in your pipes, which are simple to use and can also be highly effective. A drain snake is a flexible metal rod with a spiral at its end that can help remove blockages in your drains. The drain snake will make its way down your pipes and clear the blockage when it gets to it, and if you do not have one, you can try using a coat hanger to help remove the blockage.

Use Chemical Drain Unblockers

If you have tried other things and it will not unblock your drains, you can consider using an industrial drain unblocker. As with caustic soda, the chemicals in the drain unblocker can be dangerous, so you need to read and follow the instructions precisely. The chemicals can burn through the blockage and clear it up, but if the pipes refuse to clear, you may need to consider calling a reputable plumber.

Get Yourself A Plumber

If you have tried lots of things to clear the blockage in your pipes and it has not worked, you will need to use the services of a reputable and experienced plumber. They can use CTV to inspect your drains, find the cause of the blockage, and remove it so the pipes can drain correctly. You can click here to get some tips to help you find the best local plumber in your area who can help clear your blocked drains and get them working correctly again.