Every Digital Marketer should be Aware about these 4 Page Speed Stats

Your website may have all necessary visual elements, best coding features, but all efforts will go in vain if you hadn’t worked on increasing the loading speed. It is all that matters when you deploy the website to the audience. Loading speed also impacts your Google rankings. To make you realize the importance, below are listed some of the stats researched Conversion Rate Optimization Service about page speed.

  1. On an average, it takes around 15.3 seconds to load a page on mobile

Even on 4G! Pages load faster on a desktop and most of the web pages load in just 3.21 seconds. So, you should always aim for a load time of 3 seconds or less, when rooting for boosting conversions. 2.4 seconds can still be the best, it will spike your conversions up. So, this time should be aimed for both mobile and desktop.

  1. More than 50 percent people state that they hate using the web on the phone as it takes longer to load

When you make a landing page, you need to consider many factors like content hierarchy, layout, CTA, visuals and a lot more. But Google suggests you to consider page speed as well. your audience hates waiting. So, always factor in load time just as equally as prioritizing the traditional design elements. Also, have a look at your image sizes and compress them if there are heavy borderlines. If your image is more than 800kb, then it may make your website load more slowly.

  1. A 100 millisecond delay in page loading time can drop your conversion rates by 7 percent

This feature proves that time is really money. In the year 2017, one second delay lead to a plummet in conversion rates by a whopping 70 percent! So, apart from losing audience, the page speed is also related to losing a lot of money as well.

  1. 79 percent of web shoppers who had issues when using the website never returned to shop from the same website again

The online shopping goes beyond aesthetics or customer services. It also considers the overall performance that entails speed and responsive activities as well. This stat showcases that a slow loading site can make you lose a lot of visitors.