FAQs faced by the e-commerce courier companies

E-commerce logistics providers like the carousell courier companies are often facing the following questions before getting orders.

How long will it take for the products to get delivered?

Although the delivery time may vary because of lots of factors, you should confirm the maximum time required for the delivery to specific locations. If the company is offering a range of coverage, the timing may differ for each location. If your customers may need speed delivery at times, you would have to confirm the pricing and possibilities for such activities beforehand.

What safety measures have been taken to protect the products?

You are about to send your products to your customers via a third-party company. Hence, you should ensure that the products will get delivered without any damages happening during the transportation. Each company would have some safety measures to avoid such scenarios and you should check them beforehand.

Are there any restrictions on the weight and type of products?

The courier companies may not accept or transport certain types of products. So, it is necessary to ask for the list of restricted products beforehand. Also, you should confirm whether the company can transport heavy products. If the costs vary for heavy products, you should note that.