Guide on How to Select the Right Mobile Shredding Firm

Mobile or onsite shredding service will help you to safely dispose of your archived and expired files, paperwork and records without worrying about leaving them in an unsafe state at the workplace.

Due to the various advantages offered by onsite shredding service, they have become very popular in the market. With this service, all your sensitive and confidential business documents get shredded in a secure way.

It is very important that the shredding service provider that you choose should be efficient, reliable and affordable. We are mentioning a few pointers that will definitely help you choose the best onsite shredding service provider for your work.


Always get the price quotation from at least 2-3 mobile shredding service providers before you select one for your task. It is advisable not to go for the one that offers you the most least rates. Such providers can use inferior quality of shredding equipment that would lead in improper handling and destruction of your documents.

Always choose a professional mobile shredding firm

Choose a reputable and a professional provider of mobile shredding services. Learn for how many years they have been into the business and how trustworthy and professional they are. Get knowledge about their customers.

Check their quality standards

Check which codes of practice and standards do they adhere to. This includes considering various different aspects of onsite shredding service such as vetting of personnel, quality control, service quality, and the level of shredding. Also, check the type of methodology do they use to perform the task.

Check how they are monitored

Is the shredding firm that you are planning to hire is examined on a regular basis? A reliable company is the one whose activities are getting monitored by an independent authority. Ensure that all its personnel who are going to handle the confidential data is security vetted.

Check about the certificate of destruction

A reliable mobile shredding service provider will provide you a “certificate of destruction”. This certificate gives an assurance to the business firm that all the data is securely destroyed.

Check whether they have insurance

Always choose the mobile shredding firm that possesses the necessary and valid insurance cover. It will help in protecting the client against any form of monetary loss.


Hiring a mobile shredding service provider ensures any kind of corporate waste to be properly and securely shredded and recycled. All of the above tips will help you find the best onsite shredder for your business.