Hand-Cranked and Electric Extrusion Machines: How to Make your Pasta

Pasta can be cut into shapes and different widths using different pasta machines. The shapes of the pasta are cut using different dies and cutting rollers on the machine. These machines can be electric and hand-cranked designed to cut shape and noodles. Pasta and dough makers use a state-of-the-art dough extruder.

Cutting Pasta Using Hand-Cranked Extrusion Machine

This machine is used for making pasta shapes by forcing the dough through dies. You will mix the pasta by hand or with a processor and feed it into the machine without being rolled first. Ensure the pasta is not too moist as it will stick together when it extrudes from the machine. When the pasta is too moist, sprinkle it with flour, and send it back through the machine.

Hand-cranked extrusion machines can produce shapes like rigatoni, macaroni, fusilli, and bucatini. Which shapes to make will depend on the available dies. When the pasta shapes are extruded from the machine, cut it off at the desired length. Put the extruded pasta on a floured surface and dust it lightly with flour. Let the pasta dry for a minimum of 15 minutes before you cook it. This will let it firm up slightly and help prevent it from sticking to each other.

Electric Extrusion Machines

The latest generation of electric extrusion machines makes it possible to make pasta quickly and easily. Earlier models were not able to maintain property consistent in the dough which made it difficult to extrude the dough. With an electric extrusion machine, you don’t have to mix, knead, or roll the dough. You just need to add the ingredients to the machine and the latter mixes the dough and extrudes the pasta in a shape made by the attached die. These machines can often produce shapes like macaroni, lasagne, ziti, ribbed penne, rigatoni, bucato, cappellini, vermicelli, and spaghetti.

An electric extrusion machine can make noodles and shapes using one machine. You only have to change the diet on the machine if you want a different shaped noodle or pasta. Also, you can make pasta in a short time.  After you know the exact amount of liquid and flour to use in the machine, it will be possible for you to make pasta in less than 20 minutes. Finally, the machine requires less working space. You just need a room for the machine and a floured surface for laying the finished pasta.