How Security Has Gone Hi-Tech

We are all benefitting from digital tech development in so many ways and perhaps security has evolved more than any other sector, thanks to new tech. Enter AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), with facial recognition already being used in Chinese cities and you have a new dimension of surveillance and security.

Are you OK with 24/7 Surveillance?

There are those who would say high-level surveillance is fine if you are not up to no good, yet others feel that being tracked when going shopping and allowing big brother to see what we buy, where we eat and who we see, is going a little too far. Like it or not, this does seem to be what we are heading for, which should make it easier to track criminals.

Video Surveillance

This was a game-changer when CCTV tech became available and over the years, prices have dropped to the point where a few hundred dollars covers your business premises or home. CCTV is a great deterrent but if your facility is in a remote region, manned security might be a better choice, or you could have both. If you would like to hire a security guard (called จ้างรปภบริษัทรักษาความปลอดภัย in Thai), search online for a leading Thai security company and ask them to quote for a suitable package

Biometric Access Control

Many large companies use biometric access control systems, which might be fingerprint or facial recognition technology and this allows people to move around a large facility, with customised options to limit access.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has moved into the security industry in a big way and with the IoT and 5G just around the corner, the security industry is poised to reach a new level. No one really knows where the limit is regarding AI, but one thing is for sure, life will be far removed from what it was a few decades ago.

Security Drones

This is the system of the future, with remotely located drone controllers that fly around a business facility and with hi-res cameras, a security HQ can cover a large area using these amazing drones. Of course, it might take a few years before we will see drones carrying out security, but it is on its way.

Real-Time Communication

VoIP communication empowers security personnel to be able to talk to each other and this saves both time and money.

The security sector is enjoying the best hi-tech to make their work easier and business can breathe a sigh of relief.