How to put up a ceiling rose perfectly?


Everyone loves some innovation when doing their walls. However, the creativity must look decent. You wouldn’t want your living room’s ceilings or walls to look like some 8 year old’s room. There are certain ways you can use your creativity by staying within the decency limits.

One innovative way of achieving this feat is by turning your plain and dry ceiling in to an attractive one by having a ceiling rose installed. These ceiling roses can be installed yourself, if you have some guidance in this regard. Or you can also hire a professional who could do this with perfection. You can also check out the latest designs of plaster ceiling roses in Melbourne by visiting our website. Once you get this done, it will definitely give your house a decent look.

Preparation of the ceiling

There are a series of things that one needs to do and to start off, they must address the ceiling. Make sure you contact the electrician beforehand who adjusts all the lights in accordance to your ceiling roses. Make sure you make a creative choice when choosing the lighting.

The next thing you would need to know is where to put up the ceiling rose. More often than not, the ceiling rose is installed right at the center of the area. Once you have decided the place, make sure you mark it with a pencil so that the electrician can proceed on their job.

The gluing part

Once you are done with the location part, now the comes the tricky bit. For application of the ceiling rose, you should purchase a strong glue from the local hardware shop. Make sure you check the quality before purchasing it as going with the wrong option can make you suffer big time! Mix it properly according to the prescriptions given.

When you apply the glue to the ceiling rose, make sure you don’t fill out the edges. This is because the glue will tend to spread once it is pressed against the ceiling. Jump on a ladder and make someone lift the ceiling rose to you. Make sure you properly press it against the ceiling to achieve the best result. Remember the pencil marks you made earlier to locate the position? Make sure you fit the ceiling rose in the exact same place.

The finishing up

After gluing up the ceiling rose to the top, use an electric drill to screw up the screws through the ceiling rose. You might be thinking why this is necessary even though we have already glued it. This is essential to make sure that the ceiling rose is properly fitted into the ceiling. But the question is won’t the screws look bad?

Well, to be honest, you won’t even notice. However, in case you do feel like hiding it, use some matching paint to fill up all the screws. This way no one would be able to locate the screwing heads. Once you are done, leave it for some time to get dried before you start hanging up fancy light items to your ceiling.