Know When To Use Or Avoid Plain Bearing

Benefits of plain bearing

The plain bearing is used in various machines nowadays, but they have certain benefits because of which; they, are used. You must also know these benefits so that you can also use them in your machinery. These benefits of using this bearing are listed here for you.

  • They are cheap and lightweight.
  • These increase the lifetime of the machines.
  • These bearings help in reducing the noise produced.
  • They are easy to install anywhere.
  • They provide a lot of shock absorbance.
  • If you will use, the self-lubricating ones, then the stress for lubricating them, again and again, will be vanished too.

Reasons to avoid using plain bearing

With the advantages or benefits of using the plain bearing, there are a few reasons for which you would want to avoid them and use the better versions of these bearings instead. The first thing is that these bearings provide a lot of friction during the startup of a machine, which is something you want to avoid. The axial space required by these bearings is also quite a lot which is required to be avoided as well. These are the two most prominent people who started using the better versions of the plain bearing which provided them better results but if your machinery is not too big or costly then maybe you would want to stick to these bearings.