Live Streaming – An Overview

Live streaming is nothing but a series of video presentations captured on video devices with synchronized sound. The presenters are the ones who play these live presentations on their personal computers, smart phones, webcams or dedicated streaming servers.

Benefits of Live Streaming

The main benefit of Singapore Live Streaming is that they help you in building brand awareness for your products and services. Most of the presenters even provide free guidance to the viewers through online webinars. Live streaming webinars are considered as one of the most effective marketing tools as they reach out to the global audience within minutes.

A Live streaming consists of the text as well as the graphics that are showing while the video streams. The video content may be a short video file played at one end of a webinar room or an associated device, or a full screen streaming of the presentation on a website. In most cases, live streaming of webinars is accompanied by a pre-recorded track, which helps the participants to have an insight into the conference call.

Live streaming has become very popular among corporate professionals who need to make presentations to their employees in different parts of the world. Since live streaming of webinars is a very cheap option of communication, it helps to save on travel cost.

Live streaming technology can also be used for several other purposes such as training, education, sales, customer support and live meetings. A great feature of live streaming technology is that it allows the audience to interact with the presenter.

Even if the audience cannot attend the session, they can still participate in the discussion forum, which is held while the session is in progress. This gives an improved hold over the audience and helps the professionals to improve on their presentation skills.