Preventive Measures for The Maintenance Of Switchgear

Switchgear and switchboards are used everywhere whether it is in an office, in schools, college, hospital, or even at home. But they are prone to aging and circuit breaking which is why it becomes important to take preventive care or maintenance of the switchgear and switchboards. Switchgear servicing & maintenance is not an easy task to do but some preventive measures can definitely help in the longevity of the switchgear.

  • Periodic Maintenance:- For all types of products, periodic maintenance is recommended and all the necessary documents should be formalized by the technical department. The verification procedures are targeted to maintain systems or their subassemblies in the right operating condition for the targeted service life must be conducted at a certain time interval as stated in the document.
  • Conditional Maintenance:- To a greater extent, conditional maintenance services are a means to reduce (but not eliminate) the recommended periodic maintenance operations. Conditional maintenance is one such way to optimize installation maintenance.

To maintain switchgear or switchboards, it becomes essential to adopt a maintenance and service program for this asset. It reduces the risk of failures or shutdowns and extends the lifetime of switchgear or switchboards, which leads to lowering the overall operational costs.