The Battle Against Intellectual Thieves and Pirates

Creative artists around the world are rallying against piracy, or the unlawful copying of their works without their permission and distributing it to the public for lower prices, and sometimes, for free. Governments around the world have already drafted resolutions on how to stop piracy from growing, and they are getting the support from movie studios, recording studios, and the performing artists and movie actors and actresses who are also directly affected by the criminal act.

What is Intellectual Property?
Intellectual property refers to any creative work that is protected by copyright. Movie studios, television studios, and recording companies produce intellectual properties, and they are asking assistance from the agency that protects copyrighted materials from preventing their works to be distributed without their permission. On YouTube, any intellectual property is not allowed to be distributed without the consent from the creators. Doing so would guarantee a copyright strike to the uploader. YouTubers who wanted to make a video rely on royalty-free creations, which are allowed to be distributed and used on their own videos.

Intellectual property is not limited to movies, television shows, and songs. Video games, software programs, written works, and techniques can also be considered as intellectual properties, and the government must work with the creators to prevent these creations from being stolen.

What is Intellectual Theft?
Intellectual theft happens when someone uses intellectual property without the knowledge of the creator. It happens a lot, and many movie and recording studios are posting losses from the practice. Software developers are also crying foul over intellectual theft, saying that their hard work is all neglected if the public would continue supporting the pirates.

Intellectual theft happens around the world, and the most targeted ones are video game studios and software developers. People love to get things for free, and if there is a way for them to get an item for free, they will do all of the processes to complete it. The intellectual property creators have understood where the people are coming from, especially to those who have come from poverty-ridden countries. As a counter-act to the pirates, some creators have resorted to the freemium idea. These software programs are all around app stores, and they can be downloaded for free. The only difference is that people would have to pay for additional features that can be found within the system. It works, and experts are saying that intellectual property theft in the field of software programs and video games are slowly decreasing.

Netflix, which is the largest video-subscription platform in the world today, is helping the movie and television industry curb intellectual theft. They are showing different movies and television shows on their platform while enabling the people to subscribe. That way, no one would want to pirate a new movie or a television show because it is available on the palm of their hands.

What should you do if your intellectual property is used without your permission?
People who have been victimized by intellectual theft can work with their local government to report about the incident. They can also work with international groups who oppose intellectual theft. Many people who have been victimized by pirates are trying to file for a formal complaint regarding those who have allowed its distribution. If they found out that their intellectual property is uploaded on a social media website, they can contact the operators directly and ask them to take it down. Lawsuits await those who would keep an intellectual property on their pages without permission from the creators.

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The entertainment business is booming, and it reached new heights because of the cooperation between those who are involved. The only thing that creators are focusing now would be the total annihilation of intellectual thieves and pirates who keep on operating online. Despite the call from the public to leave piracy alone, intellectual property creators would never want it to happen because they have spent their time, energy, and money to create these works.

The battle for piracy would continue, and the authorities who are helping the studios and creators are ensuring the public that anyone caught working with the pirates can be arrested anytime. They are also discouraging the people from downloading pirated content online because it is a crime.

Author: Jeff Williams

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