Titanium pipe grades

Titanium Pipe is a titanium alloy metal pipe that is used in high temperature and high corrosion resistant applications. There are different grades of the titanium alloy. The compositions and the mechanical properties of these grades differ. The grade 1 titanium alloys are the most ductile of them all. These are commercially pure titanium materials. The grade 2 , 2H and 3 are unalloyed titanium materials. Grade 5 and 6 contain alumiunium. Grade 7 contains palladium. The grading goes up to grade 38. Grade 38 was produced to make armour plates. So the different grades of titanium pipes were developed for different purposes. There are different forms in each grade as well. They could be hot rolled or cold drawn. They could be electric resistant welded. The welded pipes are stronger and can be welded and heat treated after welding.

The titanium welded pipe can be used to produce a large network of pipes through welding. The seamless or cold drawn ones on the other hand could be used as is according to the application requirements. Although different grades have different functionalities, some of them are most known. The grade 2 materials are used in cryogenic vessels, heat exchangers, airframe material, pickling baskets and condenser tubing. The price titanium grade 2 pipe can vary as it is an unalloyed titanium material. Grade 2 also has a variation as grade 2H. Applications of titanium pipes are seen in a variety of industries. The applications include condensers, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment, surgical equipment, off shore and oil industry and many others.