Top Phone Systems Available For Your Business

One of the most important aspects of your small business is your ability to communicate regularly with your customers and clients. A functional, flexible phone system is crucial to maintain the relationships necessary to grow your business by offering excellent customer service that surpasses your competitors. Here are some of the top phone options for you to choose from when you need to upgrade your current network or are just starting your business.

Private Branch Exchange

Hosted PBX systems offer a huge range of features and flexibility to help you customize your phone network to meet the needs of your customers and your employees. The cost is lowered because it doesn’t require any equipment, which also means there are no maintenance costs. Everything is hosted on the cloud so you do need excellent internet connections for this phone arrangement to be worthwhile. Some of the features available include call conferencing, extension dialing, call routing, ring groups, wait music and customer queues. Because it’s highly automated, this choice works well for companies with forty or more employees who need strategic call routing.

Key System Units

This type of phone network is only useful for small businesses with under forty employees. It’s the most basic type of system, with limitations on the number of phone lines it can handle and the features available. It uses a central switching device for the manual operation of phone line selections. There is a KSU-less variation that is more portable and flexible because the switch is wireless, but it’s only suitable for extremely small companies with no more than ten employees.

Voice over Internet Protocol

This phone system is the latest technology that allows users to communicate anywhere around the world. It uses your internet connection instead of landlines or mobile networks. This can be an inexpensive way for your small business to have the features it needs to provide your customers with the best phone experience possible. Some of the features include unlimited calling, conference lines, online faxing, auto-attendant, HD voice calling, voicemail-to-email, and call queues. You will need to purchase VoIP desk phones for your employees to have the ability to use this type of network.

Choosing the best option for the phone system in your office comes down to the features you need, the internet connection you have available, and your budget. All three phone arrangements have pros and cons, which means you need to figure out what your business requires to succeed with its phone communication.