What Does A Millwright Do

There are many trades inside of the commercial and industrial industry sector. One of the jobs you may have heard about is that of a millwright, but what exactly does a millwright do? Let’s dive into what it means to be a millwright in today’s day and age.

When it comes to industrial millwright services, a millwright is someone who installs, dismantles, or repairs machinery in large factories or other industrial operations. This person is a jack of all trades when it comes to understanding equipment, taking it apart and putting it back together. They are the ultimate machine head that you want to have on your team as factory equipment isn’t cheap. Having an experienced millwright on hand will ensure that you expensive equipment will be put apart or dismantled properly to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Millwrights use a variety of tools such as hammers and levels, as well as understanding and knowing their way around welding equipment. Being able to operate heavy machinery such as cranes and trucks is also something that most millwrights will have experience doing. Once the manager and millwright decide where they want a machine, they will bring the parts to the new location using hoists, winches, cranes, and other large equipment to get the job done.

Most millwrights belong to a union as they work primarily in factories and construction sites. Having experience working in odd places such as the top of ladders or in cramped conditions under machinery is something a millwright must be willing to do. On the job, most millwrights are commonly injured with cuts, bruises, and strains so understanding the risk of the job is important when considering whether or not be a millwright.

If you have a factory or a large industrial operation that requires you to install, move, or remove large machinery, then hiring a millwright is the best way to go. Their experience is extremely valuable as you are getting a very specific set of skills out of one person that you would normally need several people to fulfill. This makes millwrights an extremely valuable asset to any factory or industrial park as these jacks-of-all-trades can help you to accomplish many different tasks, while also having the experience to pull off the tasks in a professional and timely manner. If you like being valued and being the go-to person for almost anything involving machinery in a factory, then being a millwright may be for you.