Why You Should Always Recycle Office Waste

We all know about the environment changing and how important it is for us all to become more active in how we live our lives. Every single person has a carbon footprint and it is important to understand what makes a large carbon footprint, and how we can change habits and encourage a new way of thinking that is ‘greener’ and aims to reduce our individual carbon footprints to help the planet. Within commerce and industry however you are immediately discussing a bigger problem, as even the smallest company with a handful of employees will be dealing with waste on a different level to the average domestic household.

One way in which an office environment can be changes to elicit a more positive approach to waste is to thinking about how office waste is disposed of. If you are the owner of a business or the person responsible for managing waste in an office environment, you should seriously consider the benefits of hiring a professional shredding and waste collection service in your local area. Think about the sheer amount of paper documents that are created, collected, and stored in an office environment every single day. Now, consider what happens to that waste and where it goes?

By hiring a collection and confidential shredding service you can ensure that all of your paper waste is disposed of in a green way, shredded and then taking to be recycled and repurposed as paper materials again. This will help to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a company with immediate effect and is an encouraging process for all employees, suppliers, and customers in terms of a company brand and what it stands for and promotes to the world.

The higher the quantity of paper recycled on a basic level, the fewer trees that are being cut down in general. It is a simple principle but it is true. We all waste office paper when working in that type of environment, but by understanding that whatever is wasted is recycled it does promote good habits that can be carried on into every day and home life by employees. There are a few ways in which this can be achieved in an office.

You can ensure that there is a shredding machine in every department or team area, with employees tasked with destroying documents every time they are finished with, or at set intervals throughout the day and week. From there, a secure and regular pick-up of these shredded materials can take place and that material recycled at a secure local shredding and document management company.

Alternatively, waste paper bin of a certain size can be placed in each office, with a view to paper waste being placed in the bin on regular occurrences. The confidential shredding service can be tasked with collecting this paper waste once a week, or however regular you require, with the paper being shredded quickly and securely at a local site, complying with GDPR and ensuring that your paper waste is being recycled to help the environment.